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zzZipMe Sleeping Sack

After baby has fully transitioned from swaddling, and the Moro (startle) reflex has faded, and baby can roll over, experts recommend a wearable blanket for sleep. The zzZipMe Sack features a handy 2-way zipper that makes our sleep sack easy to use. It’s easy to place baby in the sack when unzipped from the top and keeps baby warm during diaper changes when you zip up from the bottom. Our award winning design is available in six fabric choices so you can choose the best option for your environment.

Stage 3 Safe Sleepwear zzZipMe Sack
Our zzZipMe Sack® is a wearable blanket, also known as a sleeping sack. Many babies are ready for a sleeping sack around 6 months or when they are completely done with Swaddling and sleep well in a loose fitting wearable blanket.
Stage 3 Safe Sleepwear zzZipMe Sack

Stage 3 Safe Sleepwear zzZipMe Sack
Our mission is to help new parents and babies sleep better and sleep safer, and to offer safe sleep products that help promote safe sleep. Together, we can create safer sleep for Babies to Sleep, Grow, and Thrive.
Stages Safe Sleepwear
LYNETTE DAMIR, RN, CEO & FOUNDER OF SWADDLEDESIGNS, is known for her stylish, functional & innovative designs to help parents care for and comfort their baby.