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Cotton Flannel zzZipMe Sacks

zzZipMe Sacks are non-weighted and comply with AAP recommendations

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SwaddleDesigns Cotton Flannel zzZipMe Sacks replace loose blankets for a safer sleep.


Our wearable cotton flannel sleeping bags are proudly made in the USA with cotton grown, milled, woven and custom printed for SwaddleDesigns. Our zzZipMe Sacks are designed by a registered nurse and mom. Our wearable blankets feature an innovative 2-way zipper which makes diaper changes easier since you do not need to fully undress baby and baby stays cozy.


When your baby if fully past the swaddle stage and has completely transitioned or weaned from the swaddle, commonly around 3-6 months of age, then your baby may be ready to sleep well in a sleeping sack.


Our cotton flannel sleeping sacks have a TOG of 0.7 which is appropriate for sleeping environments of 72-78 degrees F.  TOG numbers are used as a general guide when dressing your baby for sleep. Every baby will be different, so it’s best to touch and feel your baby to ensure they are not too hot or too cold but comfortably warm, so they can sleep well. Baby’s hands should be pink and feel warm, not cold and baby’s tummy should be warm, not sweaty. You can layer on or off under the sack depending on the fluctuations of your environmental temperatures or depending on your baby’s individual needs.