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Sleeping Sack Sale

All items are non-weighted as per the American Academy of Pediatrics recommendation

If you are looking for great deals on Sleeping Sacks, you’ve come to the right place to save big.

We offer a nice range of wearable blankets on sale to help you save and help your baby sleep safely.

We provide a lovely variety of choices in fabrics ranging from lightweight to cozy so you are able to select the right sleeping sack for your baby according to the ambient temperature of your environment.

Just like we change the bed linens on our own beds depending on the season, you can select the best wearable blanket for your baby.

Muslin is great for warmer climates, and our sleeveless baby sleeping bags keep baby comfortable in areas where it is warm in summer or all year long.

Our cotton flannel is made just for us in the USA. The cotton is grown, milled, woven and custom printed all in the US, and the cotton flannel zzZipMe Sack wearable blankets are made in the Pacific Northwest of the United States of America. Perfect for moderate temperatures or Spring and Fall times of the year.

Baby Velvet is oh so soft and is a fine microfiber that is great for cooler temperatures and environments. Our Baby Velvet zzZipMe Sleeping Sacks are sewn in the USA with imported fabrics.

Our Cozy Sleeping Sacks are our warmest baby sleeping garments and are made from soft plush microfiber. The are sewn in the USA with imported fabrics.

All of our zzZipMe Sacks feature a double pull zipper also known as a 2-way zipper. The special zipper zips down from the top to make it easy to place baby in the sack, and the zipper also can be opened from the foot for easy access to baby’s diaper making nighttime diaper changes easy without uncovering baby’s chest. This keeps baby more settled and helps baby go back to sleep quicker.

To see more of our zzZipMe Sleeping Sack collection you can click on SLEEPTIME in our Menu and then click on ALL SLEEPING SACKS

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