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Selecting the Right Face Mask

Facemasks for the whole family

Choosing the Right Face Mask for You and Your Family

Wearing a face mask is a new experience for most of us, and it can take a little getting used to. It is a very personal item and we understand that comfort as well as good fit are important.

Our masks were designed with comfort in mind by our Founder, Lynette Damir, who is an RN, Mom of two, and she also studied design at the Art Institute of Seattle. Lynette grew up sewing her competitive ice skating costumes and understands the importance of comfort and movement, and as a nurse she has experience with facemasks. Our masks are designed so you can talk and the masks will stay secure, and we follow CDC guidelines using tightly woven cotton fabrics. We use USA custom Flannel and we use lightweight Chambray.

A multitude of measurements and went into the designs, and given the broad range of possible facial features and head sizes, we have done our best to design masks that will fit a large range of faces, and make it easy for you to select an ideal mask that will fit you. Just like underwear or bras it might take trying on a few to find the best facemask for you. Please take a look at the images above and images below to help you make your selection.

We offer Cloth Face Masks in Three sizes: Large Adult, Medium Adult and Kids Facemasks

Adult Size Large – Fits most adults – most not all…

Large Fabric Facemasks


Adult Size Medium – Fits smaller adults and Teens

Medium Fabric Facemasks

Adult Size Medium in Flannel – Fits smaller adults and Teens

Medium Flannel Facemasks

Child Size – Fits Ages 2 years to Pre-teen
Child Fabric Facemasks

Be sure to wash and dry your mask prior to use. 

SwaddleDesigns is making face masks for the whole family. Our reusable non-medical cloth masks are designed by an RN using CDC guidelines. We researched best fabrics to use for facemasks. European studies and the US Wake Forest University study recommend tightly woven cotton and flannel for best filtration of airborne particles. We do not use muslin or knit fabrics for this reason. A simple efficacy test is to hold the mask up to the light. You should not be able to see spots of light coming through the mask. Facemasks should be washed daily after use, and our masks hold up well to daily machine wash and dry. We hope you find our Facemask Guide helpful in selecting the best mask for you and your family.

 Chambray Face Mask All Sizes

Design Highlights

  • Designed by an RN
  • 100% Cotton
  • 3 Sizes -   Child size fits ages 2 to pre-Teen

               Medium fits Teens and Smaller Adults

               Large fits Most Adults

  • Reusable - Machine Wash and Dry
  • Fabric Designs by our Founder
  • Adjustable Soft Round Elastic Ear Loops on Children’s Masks
  • 2- layer Flannel Masks Made in USA 
  • 3-layer Adult Chambray Masks Imported