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The Honest® Hybrid Diaper Covers pair with highly absorbent Super Boosties™ inserts for unmatched Daytime & Nighttime performance allowing parents to confidently use disposable or reusable inserts to reduce waste and save money.

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Our Story

Driven by our mission to create a more sustainable diapering solution, we developed a NextGen Hybrid Cover with Pocket-Sling® to pair with highly absorbent Super Boosties™ Disposable Inserts and Reusable Inserts

The solution delivers Advanced Leak Protection that parents can rely on for Daytime and Nighttime. The Hybrid Diaper Covers with the Pocket-Sling feature a soft cotton muslin outer shell, two water resistant layers, and two elastic leg openings delivering up to 100% leakproof performance. The design is a patented invention by Fredrica Coates.

Honest® and Amazing Baby® fabric designs on cotton muslin are stylish and super soft. The perfect product at the perfect time designed for modern parents who want to save money and reduce plastic & landfill waste.

Hybrid Diaper Cover

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