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Pajama Gowns

Baby Gowns are must have’s in a newborn's layette, because the elastic opening at the foot makes diaper changes so much easier in the early days, and you don’t have to fuss with snaps. Yayee! No snaps! Our baby pajama gowns are made from 100% premium soft cotton knit and have long full-length sleeves with fold over mitten cuffs.

Baby gowns with elasticized openings are must haves in a newborn baby’s assortment of apparel. Those late-night diaper changes are so much easier when you can simply slide the gown up, change the diaper and pull the foot of the gown back down, instead of messing with a bunch of little snaps.

In the first weeks after birth, baby should not be dressed in a bodysuit or any tight-fitting garment that would apply pressure to the baby’s umbilical cord stump. Our baby gowns allow for air circulation around the baby’s umbilical cord stump, which is important for healing.

Our gowns also feature fold over mitten cuffs that can be worn open or closed. Many new parents like to use mittens or fold over mitten cuffs in the closed position on their newborn because they are concerned with baby scratching their little face. Babies’ tiny fingernails can be very sharp, and they can also be intimidating to cut at first. So as your confidence builds in baby fingernail trimming skills, it is sometimes easier to simply use mitten cuffs to fold over baby’s hands, so baby doesn’t accidentally scratch their face.

Another feature of our gown is the overlapping neckline. The design of the overlapping neckline opens very wide to pass over baby’s head, so there is no pressure on their head or neck when dressing them. Once baby is in the gown the neckline can be adjusted for closer or more closed fit. And here is another new parent tip: If baby has a blowout, the overlapping neckline opens wide enough that you can slide the entire garment down over the chest, waist and feet to remove it. In other words, you do not need to pull the garment on or off over baby’s head. The overlapping neckline opens wide enough to remove the gown down over the feet.

We have a fun assortment of gowns that coordinate with our swaddle blankets and zzZipMe Sleeping Sacks. Pair our adorable infant hats with a matching gown and swaddle blanket for the perfect newborn gift.