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SwaddleDesigns Face Mask Has Been PROVEN to be One of the Most Effective on the Market

Recent lab test proves SwaddleDesigns 3-layer cloth masks are extremely effective. Given face masks are worn to reduce the risk of spreading COVID-19 and other pathogens, it is important to select a mask based upon data.

SwaddleDesigns Face Mask Efficacy


SwaddleDesigns 3-layer cotton mask has been proven to be one of the most effective face masks on the market. Designed by Lynette Damir, RN, SwaddleDesigns masks are fitted to minimize leakage around the nose, on the side of the face, and under the chin. Using the most-current research, SwaddleDesigns masks yield superior filtration of aerosolized droplets by using three layers of tightly woven 180 thread count cotton fabric. SwaddleDesigns masks are breathable and comfortable and can be worn for long periods of time without discomfort.

In June 2020, Florida Atlantic University (FAU) researchers developed a Cough Emulator to assess the efficacy of many different face masks. The study shows not all mask are created equal, and some masks are much better than other types of face coverings in stopping expelled droplets.

In July 2020, FAU researchers tested SwaddleDesigns 3-layer Cotton Mask and demonstrated its superior performance in minimizing droplet leakage from the mask and providing excellent filtration.

Watch the video of the “FAU Mask Efficacy Lab Test Results using Cough Emulator” by clicking here: 

In April 2020, Wake Forest published a study that concluded that 180 thread count woven cotton was the best fabric for filtration of droplets.  In August 2020, Duke University researchers tested 14 masks and concluded that 3-layer cotton masks are the best cloth masks for consumers.

“We are pleased to see schools, public health officials, corporate decision makers, and the media focusing attention on the relative effectiveness and efficacy of face masks. Clearly, not all masks are equally effective, and we are pleased to see our masks continue to perform as one of the most effective masks on the market,” shared Lynette Damir, RN, and founder of SwaddleDesigns.  

SwaddleDesigns masks are effective, comfortable, and affordable, so the general public can easily have access to one of the best reusable cloth masks on the market. Orders ship within one business day.

SwadddleDesigns collection includes masks for the whole family including three sizes and 15 styles. The Watercolor Floral mask is a bestseller both stylish and effective.

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SwaddleDesigns Supports Seattle Protects Program with Cloth Masks for Businesses

SwaddleDesigns supports Seattle Protects to make it easier for businesses to find high-quality cloth masks.


Fabric Facemasks and Safe Social Distancing

On Monday, May 11, King County directed residents to wear face coverings over the nose and mouth while in an indoor public setting, such as a grocery store, or outside when it is difficult to maintain six feet of physical distance. Employers were highly advised to distribute masks to their employees and modify work settings to support social distancing. Today, the city of Seattle announced the Seattle Protects program, which will help employers find cloth masks from Seattle-based manufacturers. SwaddleDesigns is pleased to be supporting the Seattle Protects program.

“We understand that as the regions throughout the country re-open, having masks available to protect employees, customers, as well as the general public, is important,” says Lynette Damir, RN, CEO of SwaddleDesigns. “We are supporting Seattle Protects to make it easier for businesses to find high-quality cloth masks. We offer different fabrics, colors, styles, and sizes, because we understand it is important for a mask to be comfortable and attractive, as well as effective.”

In March, SwaddleDesigns converted their Seattle-area baby blanket production facility to manufacture cloth masks. SwaddleDesigns offers two different cotton face masks, designed by Lynette Damir, RN. In addition to their US factory, SwaddleDesigns converted production capacity in their audited and approved baby blanket factories in China to produce cloth face masks. SwaddleDesigns is using cotton fabrics consistent with published studies and CDC recommendations.

1. Two-layer 100% Cotton Flannel Masks designed to filter airborne particles. The flannel is baby soft, lightweight and breathable. Features ear elastic and headband elastic for secure fit. Available in Adult Large, Medium size and Child size. Made in USA.
2. Three-layer 180 thread count woven 100% Cotton Chambray. The masks come with an adjustable, bendable nose piece for snug fit and ear elastic. Available in Adult Large and Medium. Imported.

Attractive designs, good fit, effective filtration, and easy care. SwaddleDesigns cloth masks are reusable and washable.

As people go back to work and more people are venturing outside their home, children will need a mask as well, which is why SwaddleDesigns recently introduced an assortment of darling kids cloth masks.

Currently, SwaddleDesigns is selling individual masks, and offering discounts for bulk purchases. For more info, click here:

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SwaddleDesigns Converts USA Baby Blanket Factory to Manufacture Cloth Masks

The masks, designed to filter airborne particles, are made from 2-layers of USA Cotton Flannel, which is soft, lightweight and breathable.


In a time of strife, baby brand SwaddleDesigns has turned their baby blanket manufacturing facility into a factory producing non-medical cloth facemasks.

On March 18th when SwaddleDesigns (located in Seattle, WA) learned the CDC crisis strategy to approve the use of non-medical cloth face masks if no medical-grade facemasks were available, SwaddleDesigns founder& CEO, Lynette Damir R.N. knew her company could be of help. “I started to review published studies that compared the filtration effectiveness of different fabrics. I knew I could do better than the bandana or scarf that was being recommended.”

Lynette spent the next several days designing, fine tuning, test fitting and washing her design. The end result was a well-fitting mask that would stay secure. On the following Monday, she started the process to switch SwaddleDesigns baby blanket production facility in Seattle to making 2-layer cotton masks for non-medical applications. The masks, designed to filter airborne particles, are made from 2-layers of USA Cotton Flannel, which is soft, lightweight and breathable. The masks can be machine washed and used over and over again.

“With the recommendation for the general public to wear non-medical cloth masks, many people are sharing DIY mask instructions and patterns, but many American do not have a sewing machine,” says Damir. “Initially, we were donating masks, and I’ve donated all that I can afford, being a small business, but still have the materials and sewists to make more. We are doing our best to keep-up.” SwaddleDesigns is hiring additional employees to keep up with the demand for face masks.

Currently, SwaddleDesigns is selling the masks, and offering wholesale discounts for those who wish to purchase 100+. For more info, click here: