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Silky Swaddle

SwaddleDesigns is a loved and trusted brand for parents and gift givers. We strive to create stylish, quality layette essentials combining fashion and function to help new parents care for their baby in style.

We hope you will join the hundreds of thousands of customers who delight in using SwaddleDesigns products and discover why Moms and Dads around the world recommend SwaddleDesigns to their friends and loved ones.


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Gold-StarsTransitional Swaddle is GREAT!
"This Swaddle Sack was the perfect transition for our 2 month old baby. He had already managed to push himself over from belly to back so we were worried about swaddling him any longer. A friend recommended the SwaddleDesigns Transitional Swaddle Sack and our little guy liked it so much we bought two more and gave one as a gift!"

Gold Stars Bedtime Comforts
"This Transitional Swaddle Sack was absolutely amazing, so amazing that I just ordered more! I needed something to still keep him warm and cozy at night but also help keep him calm when he startles himself. This helps keep him calm! I love this Swaddle Sack!!"

Gold Stars Easy to use Transitional Swaddler
"This is a great alternative to traditional swaddling. Your baby can get the benefits of reducing the startle reflex without the caregiver having to be a skilled swaddler. For babies who like to have their hands up or older babies transitioning, this is really helpful."

Gold Stars SwaddleDesigns Muslin is the Best!
"The fabric is so soft and the prints are lovely. Getting the benefits of swaddling and enjoying the soft airy fabric is really nice Great quality!"

Gold Stars Omni Swaddle is a lifesaver!
"I have really enjoyed using the Omni Swaddle Sack. My baby really slept better when swaddled snuggly, and this made it easy. The two way zipper is a huge benefit because you don’t have to undo the wrap, and the wrap is above the hips."

Gold Stars I love this swaddle sack - I am a customer for life!
"I never really write reviews but I absolutely love this Transitional Swaddle Sack and I love this company and I think everyone should know about them!!
First of all, the company: I found this company a few years ago when a friend gifted me a swaddle blanket for my first son - I seriously love their swaddle blankets. I always have the best interactions with them - they go over and above to make sure everything is done well and right. Now to their products! Everything they make is very good quality! I own many of their things and I have never been disappointed!

This swaddle sack is perfect for my daughter who likes to feel snug but wants her hands as a soothing option. My son wanted to be completely immobile but my daughter likes her hands available and this is a great solution. If you order the correct size it’s snug around the torso and loose around the legs. I love the cute elephant design and the fabric is super soft with just enough stretch!

I highly recommend this swaddle sack and their other products as well - especially their ultimate swaddle blanket!

All great products - I am a customer for life!!"

Gold Stars SwaddleDuo, an essential for new parents!
Hello, I don't think I've ever gone out of my way to write a testimonial before, but then again, I've never LOVED a baby product as much as I love our SwaddleDesigns Swaddle Duo! When we learned we were expecting a baby girl, we decided upon a nursery theme of "It's A Small World". My sister then decided to throw us a baby shower with the same theme. It was while searching for baby shower things that she stumbled upon the Small World Swaddle Duo and gave it to us as a gift. I fell in love immediately because of the design, but it wasn't until after our sweet Emeri was born that I fell head-over-heels in love with them. She is our second baby and I made it a point not to bring as much stuff with us to the hospital this time. These two swaddling blankets made the list, though.

Thank goodness we brought them, too! It had been only 2 1/2 years since our son was born, but I had sort of forgotten how to swaddle a newborn. The instruction tag right on the blanket was very helpful. Also, I LOVED wrapping her up in the marquisette blanket for when visitors came by (both in the hospital & at home). It was perfect for keeping her comfy, yet light enough that all the warm bodies holding her didn't overheat her. The blankets are a great size, too. She's 6 months old now and we still use them all the time! We lay them out on the floor for her to play on, I've used the as cover-ups while nursing, they make great blankets for on-the-go and we even swaddle her up on occasion when she's super fussy.

My only regret is that we weren't able to get more. I LOVE the new chevron patterns...actually I love all of the designs! I recommend SwaddleDesigns to everyone I know who is expecting or has a newborn. These blankets are absolutely fantastic!! Thank you so much for such a wonderful baby product! Attached you will find a picture of our sweet baby Emeri enjoying her Swaddle Duo blankets.
Thank you, BreAnna

Gold StarsTHE Coveted Blankie
Out of all the blankets my son was given (and trust me, there were many) and all the ones that I used on him since the day he was born, his SwaddleDesigns Ultimate Receiving Blanket is the only one that was granted the coveted title of "blankie." He is 15 months old now and blankie is never far from where he is, he won't sleep without it and when he gets a boobo, he always wants his blankie to comfort him. He doesn't use this blanket to cover up with, it is purely for cuddling, comforting and once upon a time, it was the only blanket big enough to swaddle all of him (he was a very tall infant).

Your products are lovely and so far has stood the test of time, multiple washes and a VERY active toddler. I am planning on buying a second blanket this week exactly like it just in case something happens to it. My son would be crushed without his blankie. Thank you for producing such a wonderful product, you guys rock!

Gold Stars Your blankets help comfort us all
I just have to tell you this story, my 4 yr old nephew loves his swaddle blankets, in fact he had two that he still sleeps with. I have recently given birth to a little boy and my nephew came in to the last family gathering and told me he didn't need his blanket anymore and thinks it would be great to pass it on to Isaiah. (my sister in law and brother had no clue he was going to do this we were all surprised ) After thanking him he showed me the instruction on how to swaddle attached to the blanket and swaddle his bear to show me how to swaddle Isaiah. Thank you so much for making such great blankets. Your blankets help comfort us all. I now have four of your blankets and am looking to order more.

Gold Stars 2-year-olds still love their SwaddleDesigns Blankets
We purchased 2 of your blankets when we had twins almost 2 years ago. We bought them primarily to use for swaddling--little did we know how obsessed they would become with their "blankies"! Both of our twins, Ireland and Elias, have grown attached to their Swaddle Designs blankets, and *have* to sleep with them as their comforter. They both carry them around frequently throughout the day--our son Elias especially is seriously in love with his blankie. We sometimes call him "Linus" (from Peanuts) as he will walk around with it dragging behind him all day. In fact, if we try and put him down without it (and replace it with another blanket), he will scream as if you just put a snake in his crib. What's amazing is the blankets still look like new 2 years later. For the past 2 years they have been dragged, spit-up on (and thrown-up on...eww), chewed on, thrown, and more. They have been washed more times than we can count. Yet, they still look pristine and like new! Thank you for this great product that has become much more of our twins' lives than we would have imagined.
Mark & Danielle

Gold Stars Best Blanket for Swaddling
Our son received a hairline fracture in his collar bone during birth and his Dr. recommended keeping him well-swaddled for the first few weeks until it mended. This blanket is hands-down the best for swaddling a newborn. It was the softest, best size and dimensions, and out baby stayed swaddled in it the longest. The other swaddle blankets came un-swaddled much more quickly. Plus, it truly does make swaddling easy for beginners! We liked our so much we bought two more within the first week of our son's birth. One of the best gifts we received!"
Bree, new mother

Gold Stars A Must for Swaddling
As a baby nurse, I bring them to my new assignments or I strongly suggest they order them. They are a must for proper and appropriate swaddling. I love them! I use them even for my tiny twins. Thanks for the perfect product. Professional BN to many miracles!
Marilyn, old mother, new grandmother and Professional Baby Nurse, TX and all over US

Gold StarsHighest Parental Standards
I looked everywhere for swaddling blankets for our daughter and finally had to have some made because none of the blankets I found worked as a swaddling blanket. I found these while on a trip to Seattle, WA and bought three immediately. My wife likes the fabric and our daughter sleeps better with them. All parents want what is best for their children and these will hold up to the highest of parental standards. They even had directions for her grandparents!
Robert, first time dad, Billings, MT

Gold Stars Favorite Baby Shower Gift
A girlfriend bought this blanket for my baby shower because she had found out that Gwyneth Paltrow had bought one for her baby! I absolutely love this blanket, it is big, and it is nice that the directions on how to swaddle properly were on the label. Now that my son is 6 months old, we use the blanket for other uses, like tummy time and keeping warm outdoors!
Jennifer, mother of a wonderful 6 month old boy, Paso Robles, CA

Gold Stars Nurse Recommended
Thanks to SwaddleDesigns for bringing a wonderful product to the market! Not only do I recommend these products to my friends/family, I recommend them to my patients. As a Labor & Delivery nurse manager, I understand the importance of swaddling newborns and the benefits it can afford new parents. Swaddle Designs has created a product that is easy to use and stands up to its reputation. Keep up the great work!
Melanie, RN, BSN, Dallas, Texas

Gold StarsThe Only Blanket
This one is the only one worth its price. Comes with easy to follow instructions sewn right onto one side. I love this blanket. First of all, it's the right size for swaddling 42" by 42", and the weight is just right, a soft, light flannel that wraps baby. For my second child, I found this blanket, and he never broke free. I used it for him and my third, and I give these to all my friends and relatives who are expecting. I always kept two on hand, for when one was in the wash. Once baby outgrows the swaddle, the blanket continues to come in handy. It's nice and large, and makes a great shade over the stroller. Also works as a cover-up when you're nursing.
M Collins, East Coast

Gold Stars Perfect Size and Multi-Use
This really is the ultimate receiving blanket! Besides being the perfect size for swaddling (and a handy little swaddling tutorial printed on every label) it's great for just about any situation, is just the right size and is not too heavy or too light. I've used it to: toss over the stroller when the baby is sleeping, folded it up on my lap to provide support for baby's head while nursing, covered the baby to keep him warm with room left to wipe drool :) It comes in a wide array of colors to match any nursery!

Gold StarsPerfect for Swaddling
We tried other swaddling blankets but this is the only one we use. We received it as a gift and bought two more. The fabric is the perfect weight for swaddling--large and tightly woven enough to hold our squirmy 9-pound-newborn baby firmly and warmly (not too warmly), soft enough that you feel good wrapping your baby in it (the organic cotton helps, too). If you have a strong baby, then don't waste your time with blankets made of T-shirt material, waffle weave, or the like; they stretch too much and baby's arms will be out in no time. A nice feature is that this blanket has a tag, well-placed out of the way of baby's face, that shows how to swaddle your baby in three easy steps (useful if you need a gentle reminder in your haze of sleep deprivation).

Gold Stars Best Gift
The Swaddle Designs blanket was one of the best gifts I received. The pictures of how to swaddle a baby on the sewn-in tag are very helpful. At the hospital, the nurses showed me how to swaddle, but I couldn't remember how to do it when I got home. My best friend came to visit me and brought me this blanket. I realized the small rectangular blankets that I was trying to use were just too small and this blanket is much bigger and showed me how to make a swaddle that stayed secure. I bought 2 more because otherwise I was doing wash all the time. My baby is 6 months old now, and I no longer swaddle him, but I have used this blanket for everything from a tummy time mat, a cover-up while nursing, a changing pad, extra padding to prop his head in the car seat, and I take it everywhere. I buy Swaddle Designs' blankets for my friends now as gifts. I am very happy with the quality. I haven't found a softer, bigger organic flannel blanket, and I love the sweet stitching.

Gold StarsWonderful Blanket
"The blanket is really attractive, wonderful to touch, and intuitive to use. The dimensions are perfect - all the corners and edges fell neatly into place as I was following the steps on the tip tag!"
Marina, SF

Gold Stars Beautiful Blanket!
"This is a beautiful blanket! It is soft yet sturdy, and is the perfect size not only for swaddling our little girl, but also shielding our stroller from a chill or sun. She is growing quickly, but this blankie will not be easily outgrown, it has such generous proportions! I lay it out flat for tummy time and it works great. I know other parents who have this blanket and we feel so "in the know" to have found such a wonderful product!"
Paula, mother of 2, Seattle

Gold Stars Wonderful
"Our daughter is 3 months now and we still swaddle her in this. We had receiving blankets that she grew right out of at about 4 weeks. We sent one to her cousin who was having a hard time sleeping and his parents said that he will only fall asleep swaddled. He is a big boy so the generous size serves them well."
Jenny, new mom, Seattle

Gold Stars This IS the ULTIMATE swaddling blanket.
"Not often does a product move me to write a review...but this blanket is wonderful. The generous size, high quality cotton flannel, and beautiful trim are just a few reasons we love it. Our baby actually sleeps better when swaddled in her blanket. We now have the Ultimate Swaddling Blanket in EVERY color, so as not to be without one on a given night! Plus, our 2 yr old loves it too!"
Sharon, mother of 2 girls, San Francisco

Gold StarsThe Perfect Blanket
"We have received many baby blankets as gifts but this one is the only one we use! It is large enough to really hold the swaddle position which our newborn finds so comforting. The flannel fabric and large size also make it the perfect cover up while nursing (I tuck a corner under my bra strap). This is the item we give to all our friends having children! We only wish we had this blanket with our first two kids."
Mother of 3, Portland

Gold Stars Every Mother Needs This
"I never write reviews for products but want to give information to new moms to make life easier. My baby outgrew the traditional blankets for swaddling in less than 4 weeks. I received this blanket as a gift, and it is the ONLY blanket that we use for napping and sleeping. It is the only blanket that my baby will stay swaddled in, ultimately resulting in her staying asleep. We love it so much that we bought another one, because we MUST have it for sleep! This blanket promotes lengthy sleep and makes life much easier."
Alison, a new mom, Birmingham, AL