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Muslin zzZipMe Sacks

Items are NON-weighted & respect AAP recommendations

Our soft muslin zzZipMe Sack sleeping sacks are ideal for warmer weather, summertime or warm climates. The cotton open weave fabric is light and airy, and the sack is sleeveless. Sleeping sacks are a perfect way to keep baby covered when they are fully transitioned from the swaddle.

Around 6 months, when the moro reflex is not strong anymore, baby will be able to sleep well in a sleeveless baby sleeping bag called a zzZipMe Sack. Our sleeping sack features a 2-way zipper that makes it easy to place baby into the sack and zip it up, and it also makes diaper changes a snap, because you can zip up from the bottom and leave baby’s chest covered. This helps keep baby calm and they will more likely fall back to sleep more quickly after the diaper change.

We offer a wide variety of darling prints all designed by our founder, Seattle artist, Lynette Damir. Heart warming colors and joyful prints are featured on our soft muslin fabrics.

The sleeveless design of our sleeping sack allows for the use of a short sleeve bodysuit or long sleeve bodysuit underneath the sack. Baby can wear long john pajamas and socks if the weather becomes a bit cooler underneath the zzZipMe Sack. Remember to always layer underneath the sack and do not use a loose blanket over top. If the weather is very warm, baby can simply wear a diaper under the sleeping sack.

Our zzZipMe Sleeping Sacks are hip healthy and allow for full range of arms and legs. Baby can feel the boundaries of the sack with their feet and they can also rub their feet together which often brings baby comfort, so they sleep well and long, so you get more sleep as well.

Babies can kick and roll, and the sack stays on. Sleep sacks are a safer way for baby to sleep because they cannot get tangled in the covers or kick them off, so they stay safely covered all night long.

If you live in a climate where it gets cold at night, consider using one of our warmer sacks. We offer Baby Velvet and cozy sacks for colder environments.

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