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Frequently Asked Questions

What Size Should I Get?

It's all about weight! The baby's weight is the most important determining factor for choosing the size that's right for them.

The Honest Cover size Small is equivalent to a Size 2 of the Amazing Baby Cover, good for a baby between 8 - 15 lbs (3.6 - 6.8 kgs)

The Honest size Medium is equivalent to an Amazing Baby Size 3, for a baby between 12 - 25 lbs ( 8.4 - 11.3 kgs)

And the Honest size Large is equivalent to an Amazing Baby Size 4, for a baby between 22 - 40 lbs (9.9 - 18.1 kgs)


Can I Use A Reusable Or Disposable Insert With Either an Honest or Amazing Baby Cover?

Absolutely Yes!

All of the covers we offer from both Honest and Amazing Baby are 100% compatible with both the Boosties Disposable and Reusable inserts! So that you can dispose or reuse as you choose!

How Many Covers Do I Need?

Three or Six is a good place to start. The Pocket-Sling® can be wiped out and the cover re-used several times or until soiled.

The more covers you have, the less often you'll need to wash!

How Many Inserts Will I Need?

About 6-8 every 24 hours, or so. Babies eat, poop, and pee every few hours! We also offer larger packs to keep you stocked up for any and every occasion.