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Face Masks for Business

SwaddleDesigns has provided non-medical cloth face masks to many small and large businesses, government offices, and healthcare customers. We offer customized masks with your logo.

Our well-designed cloth masks are effective and secure. All our cloth masks are designed to stay in position and allow the person wearing the mask to talk during their workday. We have received many positive reviews from business customers because our masks are comfortable and more secure than other masks.

To streamline ordering for smaller entities, we created 100 unit one-click purchase options for business, healthcare, and government customers. Large and small retailers including grocery stores, hardware stores, and pharmacies were our first business customers.  Please see our collection of cloth face masks for business.

We have shipped masks to government offices including purchases for city governments, county offices, police departments, and federal offices.  In some cases, the city, county or NGO purchased cloth masks for workers, and in other cases, planned to distribute free masks to low income, at-risk families.

We shipped masks to the US military customer including the US Navy. Our Berry-compliant, made in USA masks are sewn in our Seattle-area production facilities using US cotton flannel.  Based on feedback from DOD customers, we are offering a black cotton fabric mask that is made in USA. Please contact us to learn more.

Our cloth masks are a great solution for nursing homes, rehab centers, and extended care facilities. Our soft cotton flannel is perfect for baby’s delicate skin and older adults with delicate skin. Our fabrics are durable and can be washed and dried many, many times and still look and feel great. We love working with senior care facilities to help protect the most vulnerable Americans.

Small businesses and larger business have selected SwaddleDesigns washable cloth mask, instead of opting for non-sustainable, disposable masks. After we converted production capacity at our overseas baby blanket factory, we were able to support customers with up to 100,000 cloth masks.

Given the need to accommodate smaller sized adults and larger adults, we found that one size does not fit all. We offer 2 sizes for adults. Large size fits most adults, and Medium size fits smaller adults and teens. 

As your business prepares to re-open and as your company navigates the COVID situation, please feel free to email to discuss volume discounts and lead time. 

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