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Plush Toys

Our most popular animal characters come to life as soft, cuddly, plush baby toys! SwaddleDesigns Baby Plush Toys are made with baby safe materials and textures, and they feature sweet faces to delight you and baby. Babies love to look at faces including the sweet faces on our stuffed animal toys, and babies often bond with a soft plush toy that becomes their faithful, huggable friend.

Providing children with a stuffed animal friend can have a number of benefits in addition to looking adorable in baby’s nursery.

Babies love the soft textures and interesting shapes that a stuffed animal provides. Babies learn through touch and looking at high contrast colors, and by looking at faces. A stuffed animal can be placed on a blanket for tummy time, giving baby something new and interesting to look at and reach for, which develops eye hand coordination.

As babies grow, it fun to play peek-a-boo with a favorite toy and a blanket, and babies giggle with joy as they see their friend appear, disappear and appear again.

For older babies and toddlers, stuffed animals can ease distress and anxiety. Cuddling a plush baby toy can improve your child’s ability to self-soothe and self-comfort. Over time stuffed animal friends can help little children develop social skills, foster language development, and encourage compassion and empathy. Stuffed plush toys are important for pretend and imaginative play, with the animals often taking on important personalities. In this way, pretend play can help to foster social development.

Pretend play boosts brain power, and helps children grow emotionally.

Parents can also talk to the stuffed animal and tell the toy about good behavior the child exhibited, and this can help encourage more desired behavior.

Oh, the fun you and baby can have with a little stuffed plush toy! You can read together, sing together and have lots of fun.

Each of our plush baby toys are incredibly soft and made from 100% polyester. It’s fun to pair our plush toys with our coordinating swaddle blanket, Luxe Blanket or Snuggle Blanket for an adorable new baby gift or baby shower gift.

Our stuffed animals are seven inches tall in a seated position. Surface wash and air dry.