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Baby Velvet zzZipMe Sacks

All products are non-weighted as per the American Academy of Pediatrics recommendation
Our soft Baby Velvet zzZipMe Sacks are made from fine plush fabric, and finished with a silky satin trim. They are high end and so soft to touch. Sleeping sacks replace loose blankets for safer sleep. Our microfiber sleeping sacks have a TOG of 1.5 and are appropriate for ambient room temperatures of 68-72 degrees F (or 20-22 degrees C). Our sacks also feature a 2-way zipper which makes it easy to place baby in the sack and diaper changes easy.

Our baby velvet wearable blankets are perfect when your baby has graduated from the swaddling stage and no longer even needs a transitional swaddle sack. Most babies are usually ready for a sleeping sack around six months of age though they can be ready sooner. You’ll know baby is ready for a zzZipMe Sack, because baby’s startle reflex will have faded, and baby will sleep well in a loose-fitting sleeveless sleep sack.

Our sleep sacks come in a variety of styles and materials so you can always find the right option for your baby according to the ambient temperature of your environment or climate.

Baby Velvet zzZipMe Sacks are great in changing seasons such as in the Spring or Autumn or in climates with mild Winters.

In the Spring as temperatures start to warm, baby may just need a long sleeve bodysuit under the sack.

In the fall time as the weather starts to cool, or it you live in a climate with colder winters, you can always add layers of sleep wear to baby prior to placing them in the sleep sack. For example, baby can wear long sleeved long john pajamas and socks underneath the Baby Velvet zzZipMe Sack in colder climates.

TOG Chart


The TOG number mentioned above represents a level of thermal resistance. TOG means Thermal Overall Grade. The TOG is a measure of thermal insulant of a unit area (also known as thermal resistance). The higher the number the warmer the sack. Remember, the TOG numbers are used as a general guide when dressing your baby for sleep. Every baby is unique, so it’s best to touch and feel your baby’s neck, tummy or chest to ensure they are not too hot or too cold but comfortably warm, so they can sleep well, and so you can sleep well, too.

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