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The Best Crib Sheets for Baby

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The Best Crib Sheets for Baby

When setting up the nursery for baby it’s fun to select crib sheets. So, what are the best sheets for baby’s crib?


First of all, it’s very important to select a fitted crib sheet and not use a blanket or flat sheet over the mattress.


SwaddleDesigns fitted crib sheets fit standard crib mattresses and stay in place. They are designed with elastic all around the finished edges and have reinforced, sewn-in corners for a secure fit.


Do not use a flat sheet or large blanket as a crib sheet, because these items can become untucked and can become an entanglement and suffocation risk for baby.


The best baby crib sheets are fitted cotton crib sheets. SwaddleDesigns offers two types of fitted crib sheets – cotton muslin and cotton flannel.

Our flannel fitted crib sheets are proudly made in the Pacific Northwest with cotton grown and milled in the USA. Our flannel is brushed for softness and has a very soft and comforting texture that babies love. It is great for keeping your baby comfortable year-round, and flannel is also cozy in the colder months.

SwaddleDesigns cotton muslin sheets are made from soft, open weave fabric. Cotton is a natural fiber that is breathable and gentle next to baby’s skin. Muslin is quick to dry.

Some companies claim to make “bamboo” sheets. However, bamboo fabric that is soft to the touch is actually a man-made semisynthetic also known as viscose or rayon. Yes, soft bamboo fabric is really rayon, so don’t get bamboozled! You can read more about bamboo’s misleading claims on the USA FTC’s website.

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends baby sleep on a firm and smooth surface, and to be free of loose objects to be a safe sleep environment.  It's very important not to use any thick or extra soft padding between the mattress and the fitted sheet or on top of the sheet, because doing so creates a suffocation risk if baby rolls over.

Our sheets can be machine washed and tumble dried, so it’s easy to clean your baby’s bedding. Shop for your favorite look among our wide range of nursery themes, including earthtones, monochromatic, nautical, animal prints, stars, flowers, geometric prints and more.

At SwaddleDesigns we are committed to bringing you consistent quality products. We have over 20 years of experience providing both new and seasoned parents with quality, stylish essentials, and we are a trusted brand worldwide.