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Nothing is quite a cute as a baby in a darling little hat. Our knotted hats are made from soft cotton knit and sized for Newborns. Pair our adorable infant hats with a matching gown or swaddle blanket and/or coordinating apparel for the perfect newborn gift.

Unlike adults, newborns are not efficient at regulating their body temperature. This means their temperature can drop more quickly than an adult or older child when outside in cooler temperatures, or when in a cooler environment. Baby hats are a great way to keep your newborn’s head warm while also helping them look so very adorable.

Additionally, a newborn’s head is proportionately larger to their body than an older child or adult so there is much more surface area to lose heat. So, be sure to cover their head and ears with a little hat when heading outside in cooler weather.

Babies that are too cold will become fussy and start to cry because they are uncomfortable. Our little knotted caps cover baby’s sweet head and help to keep them comfortably warm, and the wind off their ears.

You may see, when you are in the hospital shortly after birth, a newborn hat is put on your baby’s head. This is done to help stabilize your baby’s body temperature, especially if baby cannot be in on your chest for Kangaroo care. Remove the hat when learning to breastfeed, because smelling the top of your baby’s head is a wonderful bonding experience and helps moms relax due to the dopamine that is released when smelling baby.

A hat may be worn by baby for the first few days for sleep, but after a few days, baby’s head should be hat free for sleeping (unless you are in a cold environment). An uncovered head for sleep reduces the risk of overheating.

Our cotton knit hats come in a variety of styles and colors, including tiny doggies, tiny hedgehog, tiny triangles in pink, blue, and sterling.