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What is TOG?

TOG is an international standard for warmth and thermal effectiveness. TOG is the unit measurement of thermal resistance and is used to estimate warmth. The acronym "TOG" stands for "Thermal Overall Grade" which is used to measure the thermal insulation of a textile product.

TOG may be used as a general guide to help parents choose the appropriate level of warmth for their baby’s zzZipMe Sleeping Sack for their environment.

TOG Chart

What to wear under the zzZipMe Sack, Sleeping Sack, wearable blanket or baby sleeping bag? Usually a long sleeve or short sleeve bodysuit is worn under the zzZipMe Sack. In colder environments long johns or pajamas may be worn under the zzZipMe Sack. In warmer environments, a short sleeve bodysuit or just a diaper.

Each baby is unique and parents should touch and feel their baby’s neck or tummy to ensure baby is not too warm or too cold. If baby is sweaty a layer should be removed. If baby feels too cool, an additional layer may be added under the zzZipMe Sack.