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Many of you know me as an artist and designer, but I am also an RN.

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In March 2020, I converted my Seattle baby blanket factory to make face masks, and within days, we were delivering made in USA masks to families and customers around the country.
In May 2020, we added Cotton Chambray face masks with a bendable nose piece. I designed the 3-layer chambray mask using tightly woven 180 thread count cotton fabric.
Our chambray style masks are made at our audited overseas factory.

My family is filled with nurses and teachers, and I wanted to help protect our communities and essential workers by designing masks that are effective, comfortable, and secure when talking.

Once a nurse always a nurse! We can get through this together!

Kind regards, Lynette, Mom of Two, RN, Founder SwaddleDesigns

NEWS: Florida Atlantic University Lab Tests SwaddleDesigns Masks. See Lab Test Video.
NEWS: President Biden announced FEMA will reimburse schools for cloth masks. See School Masks

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