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Baby Burpies

Our Baby Burpies are a fan favorite! Soft and absorbent multi-use burp cloths that can be used on your shoulder when burping baby, or as a lap pad, or on the changing table.

Burp Cloths are must haves that are used from day one and for years to come. They are usually placed on a parent’s shoulder when rubbing baby’s back to release air bubbles after a feeding. Air can get in baby’s tummy when bottle feeding and can also occur when breastfeeding. Either way you feed your baby, you need to get the air out because it can take up space in their tiny stomach where nutrition should be and the air can also lead to discomfort. Burp baby after they take an ounce or two from a bottle, or when switching breasts. Burp again after the feeding is completed and before laying baby down. 


Be sure the burp cloth is in place when burping baby. Sometimes only air is released, other times some milk or formula comes up with the air, so you will want the burp cloth in place to catch the spit up. 


Burp cloths can also be used on your lap when holding baby or across your arm if burping baby in a sitting position.

Our baby burp cloths are stylish, functional, and versatile. Use them on the changing pad or use them as a wiping cloth to clean you little one’s face. Choose from a selection of colors. 


Our burp cloths coordinate with our range of swaddle blankets and other products. Our Baby Burpies are durable and stand up to daily use. Machine wash and dry. Each cloth easily fits in your diaper bag.