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The Basic Necessities in the First Weeks

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The Basic Necessities in the First Weeks

Swaddle Blankets

You will use large square Swaddle Blankets
for many things:

Swaddling, privacy throw for feeding, sun shield over the stroller
& as a playmat for tummy time.

You will need many!

Stock the nursery with flannel Ultimate Swaddles and
open weave blankets such as Muslin & Marquisette Swaddles
so you will be prepared for different environmental temperatures,
cool weather and warm weather.


Gowns are great under Swaddle Blankets,
Swaddle Wraps & Sleeping Sacks.

They have an elastic opening at the foot for easy diaper changes,
foldover mitten cuffs that open or close to protect from facial scratches
& they allow air to circulate around the healing belly button.

Burp Cloths

Let’s face it, babies spit up,
so you’ll need several burp cloths.

These handy multipurpose cloths will be used for burping baby
after feeding. They can be used as a lap pad when holding baby, and
they can be used on the changing table. It’s easier to throw the cloth
in the wash if it gets soiled instead of the entire changing pad cover.

Must-haves for baby